Collective Entertainment


Collective Entertainment is exactly that - a collective of progressive managers and agents working together for their clients’ and entrepreneurial projects’ benefit.

Founded by deeply respected manager Emily White with long-time colleagues Katrina Bleckley and Melissa Garcia, Collective Entertainment is based in New York and Los Angeles and spans the entertainment industries specializing in music, sports, content creation and activism. The Collective Entertainment team brings a modern mentality to talent management, working hands-on with clients to develop individualized plans for short and long-term career development. Whether working with a new artist or established talent, we pride ourselves on collaborating with those who have a unique voice and meaning to their work.

Collective Speakers is a new division of Collective Entertainment launched in 2019. Led by Sean Lawton, Collective Speakers is a full service speakers’ bureau exclusively representing some of the most unique voices in entertainment, education, and activism. With Sean’s over two decades of experience, Collective Speakers creates unforgettable spoken word and lecture events. Our areas of specialty include diversity, social justice, mental health and leadership.

The Collective Entertainment team offers consulting in several areas of talent development and management, including content release plans, digital marketing, touring, merchandising, crowdfunding and social media strategy. Our expertise in creating custom strategies and project management for a variety of releases in music, sports, content creation, and literary is respected worldwide. We bridge the gap between idea and implementation, artist and audience, talent and tastemaker.