Emily White




New York based entrepreneur Emily White brings her beloved how-to book Interning 101 to life for students entering or reentering the modern business landscape. As the ultimate how-to guide on what skills are expected in the workforce, but are often impossible to teach in a classroom setting, Interning 101 is an in-demand coursebook at countless universities ranging from The University of Southern California to New York University. Learn how to maximize your internships to put yourself in the best possible position to get hired in highly competitive fields from business to entertainment to tech. White is passionate about sharing this knowledge because she did it herself as a kid from the midwest who knew no one in her field of choice, with her name since gracing the cover of Billboard Magazine and featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Bloomberg, and ESPN. In this lecture, White discusses how to balance it all as a student and professional in a world of non-stop communication platforms. White will help young professionals cut  through the noise to learn how to interview, land, and prepare for an internship, as well as authentically network, thrive, and learn the secrets of success for your internships, career, and beyond.


Emily White has been at the forefront of the modern music industry over the past decade, as it shifted from physical to the streaming era. A lifelong advocate for artists, White has distilled everything she has to say on what artists can do to have a career for the long-term into actionable and methodical steps. As she is consistently  finding income for national and international acts, White realized there was a need to layout all available revenue streams for musicians to ensure they aren’t missing any income. This applies to both past releases, as well as how to get organized on building a sustainable career and collecting all revenue streams moving forward. A veteran speaker at a myriad of music events ranging from SXSW to Midem, White proudly serves on the boards of Future of Music, CASH Music, SXSW, The David Lynch Foundation Live while additionally serving on The Grammys’ Education Committee and Pandora’s Artist Advisory Council.