Braden Carlisle




Braden Carlisle is a comedy magician from Boulder, Colorado. When you see his show, you see the result of years of performing all over the country. He’s worked and performed with magicians who have been seen on America’s Got Talent, and even have a residence in Las Vegas!

Far from the tackiness or cheesiness* often associated with magicians, Braden’s magic is funny, sharp and relies on a lifetime of practice and performing experience. Book now to see the funniest magic show you will ever experience. You’ll be left laughing harder than you thought possible at magic show!

*Top Hat Not Included


Braden Carlisle performs a 5 star rated comedy magic show like nothing anyone has ever seen before. You’ve seen a rabbit get pulled out of a hat, but have you seen a man swallow a balloon larger than a small child? Braden’s comedy magic show is equally entertaining for guests ranging from 5 to 500!


Walk-Around Magic is perfect for an event where you want quality entertainment, but you don’t want to disrupt the flow of the event. With Braden Carlisle’s unique brand of close up magic, he will seamlessly bring value to your guests as they mingle get to see high quality, mind boggling, close up magic that happens in their own hands. He will help to make your event unforgettable.


A mix of the stage show with a walk-around feel. Perfect for audience sizes under 100 people, this show amazes, astounds, and brings together the audience.