Meredith Vondran

Everyone at Collective Entertainment began their careers as interns. Co-Founding partner Emily White wrote a book called, Interning 101, that began as a handbook for Emily and the team. In short, we are passionate about interns! And love to train and inspire the next generation. Here we spotlight our current intern in our “Intern Corner” series:

Name: Meredith Vondran

How did you get this internship? 
I met Melissa at a Women in Music meet up at SXSW this past March. We started talking about my summer plans and the possibility of an internship with CE. We followed up via email, then via phone conference, and after, I joined the team! 

What have you learned so far?
So far, I’ve learned about the importance of following up and being detail-oriented. Every task needs to be addressed and every email answered to keep everything, and everyone, up to date.

What are your career goals?
Right now, I have my heart set on venue management, promotion, and possibly booking. I thoroughly enjoy the energy surrounding the live music business and want to be involved in bringing artists to the stage.