Katie O'Gara

Everyone at Collective Entertainment began their careers as interns. Co-Founding partner Emily White wrote a book called, Interning 101, that began as a handbook for Emily and the team. In short, we are passionate about interns! And love to train and inspire the next generation. Here we spotlight our current intern in our “Intern Corner” series:

Name: Katie O’Gara

How did you get this internship? 
I got this internship because Emily came to my school, SUNY Oneonta, to speak to my Legal Issues in the Music Industry class. I was really inspired by her story and advice, so I approached her after the class, and the rest was history!

What have you learned so far?
I’ve learned how to manage my time more skillfully. With a remote internship, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with balancing school and interning, but I am figuring out that planning and organizing goes a long way in making sure that things get done.

What has surprised you the most?
I’m surprised by my ability to solve problems. A lot of times, I am asked to complete tasks that I have no prior experience in doing, and I am typically able to figure it out on my own to get the job done. Investigative skills are key!

What are your career goals?
I’ve wanted to work in the music industry since I was about 12 years old. I’m still feeling out exactly what I want, but I am leaning towards a career at a record label working in an A&R or Marketing department.